List of OTTer avatars


Avatar Reason for change Artist
Balthasar s
Original, fragment of this photo. balthasar_s
It needed a caption. balthasar_s
Animated, because not on the Moon, apparently? balthasar_s
To add a Drawception picture by BlitzGirl BlitzGirl
Bicyclesonthemoon doesspaceneedahat
It needed a hat

ChronosDragon (hat)

balthasar_s (text)

To add this blitz image. balthasar_s


Avatar Reason for change Artist
Original. Derived from reaction-diffusion work described here and the hacker emblem mrob27 (Robert Munafo)
Mrob hatted 120
Hatted when mrob27 has blitzed to the period when hats were becoming common ChronosDragon


Avatar Reason for change Artist
Neil Boekend
Original. From an awefulsome season of and awfulsome TV series. Google Image Search
Avatar default It required a hat BuffyGirl
Avatar brainslug To start the Brainslug invasion the brainslug controlling Neil
Avatar hidden brainslug To get someone else to place a brainslug on his/her head. Dunno who it was. the brainslug controlling Neil


Avatar Reason for change Artist
Before-patzer Original. Google Image Search
Hatted-patzer Wanted a hat BuffyGirl
AVO Appeared in Boom-De-Yada BlitzGirl
Hatted-patzer-by-azule Wanted a hat azule
Hatted-patzer-everyone Combined hats from Buffygirl, Blitzgirl, and Azule into a gif. patzer
Download (1) Combined hats from Buffygirl, Blitzgirl, and Azule, and several other images and former avatars into a gif. patzer


Avatar Reason for change Artist
Holidips hat. .

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