The Book of NumbersEdit

One of the Holy Books, Numbers contains the results of data analysis of the OTC and the OTT.

Link Description
The Dedication of Kieryn Data and analysis of posts in the One True Thread, compiled and datamunched by Kieryn.  Among many other things, it includes a seaish compendium of images posted in the thread, and an API.
The Constellation of Time Analysis and visualizations of quoted posts and quotations in the One True Thread, new words generated, posting rates per unit time, and other datamunching.
The Database

Links to the data, including an API for displaying frame differences of the One True Comic through a simple URL, and a display of OTTIfications and creative works.

(in progress)

The Index of mrob27 Index of NewFrames and associated NewPages, also a glossary and links to other related sites.

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