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Discovery Era is one of the eras of the xkcd comic Time within the Journey Eon. It lasted from frame 1424 to 1661.


Having rejoined the river at the end of the Hills and Forest Era, Cueball and Megan continue upstream in hopes of finding a way to cross the river so that they can go back to the shore and continue along to discover why the sea is rising. This along the way they have encounters with a much greater diversity of flora (including Baobab Trees) and fauna (i.e. molpies). They also discover mysterious markings of previous inhabitants, the remnants of an abandoned vineyard, several campsites, and one larger former habitation. Evidence suggests these people have been gone for some time, but perhaps not too long as the vineyard isn't completely in disrepair, nor some other seemingly intentionally cultivated plants.

Just as the previous era ended with a conversation where Cueball suggested an alternative purpose for their quest (finding beautiful places for either potential residence or merely for discovery's sake as opposed to solving the sea mystery), this era also ends with the purpose of their quest being thrown into doubt. At the abandoned remains of a residence they realize they have enough wood to build a raft in order to cross the river and continue along the shore, but after having discovered so many new things in the current area, they actually decide to forego their river-crossing objective and head into the nearby mountains instead. After that decision, the era ends with Megan going back to the vineyard to gather food for their continuing journey. They head into the next era with their purpose unresolved.


1424 - 1502: Seventh Journey Period

1503 - 1552: "Wow" Baobab Period

1553 - 1578: Vineyard Period

1579 -1611: Questioning the Quest at the Abandoned Habitation

1612 -1661: Megan's Quest

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