Dragons are creatures in the game Sandcastle Builder. They play a role in the high endgame, way beyond the infinite glass stage. When you have 50 maps, you can buy for 200M Bonemeal (80M with ASHF) the Dragon Nesting Site. This will unlock Dragon Nest. This needs 5T Blackprints and uses 50T runs of AA to complete. Once completed, this can unlock Dragon Queen if you have AC >= 1M and at least 1G Bonemeal. When the Dragon Queen is bought, it unlocks Raptorish Dragon Keeping Manual, that has a lot of information about dragons. You can change the lining of the nest, to determine how your dragon will look like. The first egg costs 1M Bonemeal. If you want to lay another egg at the same time, it costs 1W Bonemeal.

There are two stages:

  • Hatching means breeding the egg (takes 2000 mNP).
  • Then you have to feed the dragon 1M goats. If you don't do this fast enough your hatchlings will die.
  • Then after another 2000 mNP, the dragon is ready to fledge. This means that it gets it a place on a certain NP. It will have to fight against another creature. If you set a dragon on a NP that has already dragon's, the strongest will kill the weakest, so don't do that.

Linings of the nestEdit

You can give your nest certain linings. They have to add up to 100%. You need to have an infinite amount of the stuff you choose. You can choose a n% per stuff category.

  • Sand and Castles increase Offense.
  • Glass Chips and Blocks increase Defense.
  • Blackprints and Flux Crystals increase digging. 

It is strongly recommended that your first dragon has 50% offense and 50% defense. When you have boosts that increase offense and defense, you can work on digging.

Outcomes of the fightEdit

A fight can have several outcomes: Totally destroyed, Lost with dignity, Tie, Very hard victory, Hard victory and Easy victory. In the beginning, you gain +0.2 Experience of totally destroyed and +1 Experience of lost with dignity. victory gives you 2 Experience and some Copper (which is a millionth of a piece of Gold). Experience is needed to get a new level of the Dragon Queen, which get you stronger types of dragons and better boosts. Redundaknights can come instead of redundakitties, they fight with the dragons as well.


Dragons can dig. They can find Gold and Diamonds, but in the beginning you'll usually find 1 Copper. Digging can be increased by lining the nest more for Blackprints and Flux Crystals and several Boosts.

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