The first frame

A frame is one of the images which compose the xkcd comic Time. Each frame changes in an amount of time called newpix, or TimeFrames, that occurs after the GONG.

The waiting for the next frame can cause sleep deprivation.

Notable Single Frames Edit

  • 1: The very first frame, revealed before most Initiates were initiated
  • 16: Cueball dips his toe in the 'water', revealing the existence of the 'beach'.
  • 25: Megan begins to build the first Castle
  • 34: The first Tower is finished
  • 50: The first Wall is completed

Frame #170
- Wanna swim? - Yeah.

  • 52: Cueball leaves. This is also the first frame with text: Later/Bye! 
  • 75: Cueball returns
  • 88: Megan Leaves
  • 103: Cueball falls, destroying a piece of the castle.
  • 124: Cueball leaves again (second time)
  • 137: The first glimpse of the second Castle
  • 143: The prophesied Frame, posted before its Time.
  • 146: Megan re-appears
  • 158: Cueball re-appears
  • 161: Possible Semen Castle?
  • 170: Second Text frame: "Wanna Swim?"
  • 175: Third Text frame: Megan Coughs.
  • 177: Megan Leaves again (second time)
  • 179: Cueball leaves again (third time)
  • 306: Cueball re-appears
  • 308: Cueball and Megan wave at each other
  • 309: Megan falls, destroying a piece of castle
  • 320: Fourth Text frame: The River question
  • 403: D'aww! (and/or screamer): Close-up of Megan holding the world's cutest little trebuchet
  • 408: Fifth Text frame: "I don't understand what the sea is doing"
  • 414: Sixth Text frame: "I don't think we can build it much taller than this. It's been fun, though!"
  • 486: text frame: Cueball takes a sip from the sea
  • 487: text frame: Cueball spits it out
  • 488: text frame: Cueball sputters
  • 490: Cueball: "I've had worse."
  • 563: "The river is small. The sea is big."
  • 676: After riding down in the bucket, Megan has a scary-looking fall.
  • 798: First appearance of LaPetite.
  • 880: Megan's sad farewell to the Castle.
  • 950: The Return of LaPetite.
  • 970: The final fade to white.
  • 997: The Loopist tease.
  • 1739: Snake!
  • 3089: The End.

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