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Hills and Forest Era is one of the eras of the xkcd comic Time within the Journey Eon. It lasted from frame 1221 to 1423.


For some unspecified reason, at the very end of the River Era, Megball reached a point where it apparently seemed precarious to continue following the river directly, and thus they depart it, choosing to cut through the adjacent hills in order to meet up with the river later. This era marks the leg of their quest away from the river as they journey through hills that were bigger than they looked and appear to be large sand dunes, followed by a lightly forested meadow area where they rest for a time at a tree before continuing on and rejoining the river again at the end of the era. At the river they rest again and have a pivotal conversation quetioning whether they will in fact solve the sea mystery or merely continue finding beautiful places they may even like to settle down.


1221 - 1300: The Hills Period

1301 - 1336: Fifth Journey Period

1337 - 1359: The Tree Period

1360 - 1376: Cueball's Quest

1377 - 1403: Sixth Journey Period

1404 - 1423: Third River Period

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