The letters LWPAII are the first letters of the words in the first 6 text frames.

Montov wrote:
Let's speculate how this is a sign of the relationship of Randall, his career, coffee and/or the purpose of life. And how the first letters of all the frames with dialogues in them spell a very disturbing word.

  • Kat* wrote:
    And what word would that be?

Smithers wrote:
"LWPAII", apparently.

orthogon wrote:
Skim-reading that post, I totally assumed "Lpaii" was one of those Internet abbreviations, like LMAO, FTFY, inb4 etc. I think we should retrofit a meaning to it.

Angelastic-  Laughing With Perspicacity About Its/It's?

orthogon - laughing, weeing, pooing and injecting insulin

bigcrag92 - LWPAIIing with practically average intensity inside. (because recursion)
actually laughing with practically average intensity inside could be useful instead of lol

RobIrr - Looked, waited, posted, and it's interminable.