This is a page about the language of the One True Thread. We have created a lot of new words and abbrivations and that means it's difficult to start with the thread.

Please add the words that are most important to understanding posts.

Please add the words aphabetically.

The One True Table
Word Meaning Source
Blitzing Reading the Time topic from the beginning to the end. Usually at the cost of one's sanity. It was originally coined due to Blitzgirl undertaking this quest. It is customary (though not required) to post progress so those in the current time can enjoy your route with you. Our insanity
Chirp curse. IE: Chirping mustard! Speculation
Molpy cute animal Speculation
Mustard A mistake Speculation
Needle pulled thing A forum thread The Madness
OTT One True Topic: the topic of Time on the XKCD forums. The topic we are talking about Our insanity
Redundakitty image that accompanies a redundant image. The reason for these redundant images is complex. Our insanity

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