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Megan's Quest is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time within the Discovery Era.
It lasted from frame 1612 to frame 1661.

During this period, Megan heads back to the vineyard to collect some food for their continuing journey towards the mountains. Along the way, at the tree by the bench and fire-pit, she sees and attempts to feed a squirrel-like molpy (known as a squirpy on the One True Thread).

She fills her bag with berries from the bush (which she offered to the squirpy), grapes from the vineyard, and also apparently some yet-unidentified lumps of what is most likely fruit or nuts from the tree by the bench on her way back. She is never shown definitively picking these up, but we see them on the ground before she passes, then after she does so they are gone and she is closing her bag again.

Molpy sightings during this period:Edit

  • This period marks the most significant Cuegan-molpy interaction thus far as it begins with the interchange between Megan and the squirpy. This exchange lasted an impressive 25 newpix, from the squirpy's first appearance, perched on the trunk of the tree, in frame 1612, to frame 1636, the last frame before the camera shift back to the vineyard. At frame 1616 the camera actually zooms in to give us a clearer view of the exchange, offering viewers the closest zoom since the Sandcastle Eon. During the exchange, Megan offers squirpy some berries after greeting it with a "Hi!" and a subsequent reassuring, "It's ok! I won't eat you!" After taking the berries the squirpy returns to the tree, where Megan takes one last look at it perched on the tree before continuing to the vineyard.
  • A molpython is discovered in the grass at the right of the vineyard scene, moving during frames 1644-1649, mostly while Megan is just outside of the camera's view to the left in the other segment of the vineyard.

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