Outside? Is that like Mesopotamia? Isn't Mesopotamia gone? Has Outside been destroyed without our noticing?! Oh well. At least we still have our sandcastle. I don't know. Nobody does. There is a large silicate-based piece of translucent material behind me that supposedly allows one to view the Outside, although I have never cared to look through it. And on occasion, the room feels warmer and is illuminated and I see what I can only assume to the Outside in the glare of my laptop screen, but I have always been too frightened to turn and look at the directly at the glare. From whence does this glare emerge? Anyway...

The Outside is actually the Big Blue Room, where they keep the Jumbo Sized Air Fresheners, the Intermittent Sprinkler System, and the Hurtling Metal Boxes of Doom. The glare comes from the Great Headlight of The Universe, bearing down upon our sandcastle at 2 gigapixels per newpix, but always missing due to the protection of the Holy Flag of Saint Kepler. Praise be!


The inhabitants of the Outside are Outsiders.

They are blasphemous and do not know the ways of Time.

T = /ime

i = T/me

m = Ti/e

e = Tim/