The original Pope. He was rightifully elected by the current present Cardinals at the time. 

His victory was contudent and most of the members of the religion are happy with the current pope.[citation needed] 

Some heretics claim that he may be mad with power, but they don’t understand the papal duties.[1]

He might or might not been born in a humble home, however we do know that now he lives in a castle made of an unspecified material (probably made of coffee beans).

His first post on the forum was made on Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:27 pm UTC.[2]

Pope FactsEdit

Helper the first himself has confirmed a few facts about his secretive persona:

  • At night he dreams of throwing china at loonies and watching said loonies suffering bipolar breakdowns.
  • His coffee is with 0 sugar cubes and semenated.
  • He prefers a horse sized duck over 100 duck sized horses.

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