As a homage to Outside Comic 521 (The 2008 xkcd Christmas Special), wherein Randall supposedly could only afford to produce the prime-numbered panels of the comic, a compilation gif of Time using only its prime numbered frames was introduced by kenmelken to the One True Thread on NewPage 726 during newpix 1660 with the name PrimeTime.

Observations, Omissions, and InclusionsEdit

  • A few favorite frames make it, such as the "fall of man," Cueball saying, "I don't understand how ANYTHING works," Megan's tender "bye!" to the castle, and "The Sea is big, the River is Small."
  • Most of the dialogue (not all, but to a surprising degree) that manages to survive is directly related to the rivers.
  • LaPetite doesn't survive, as none of the frames in the particularly brief "Little French Girl Period" are prime. The equally short period known as The Fake Loop also is completely omitted, and is barely missed by a single frame (997 is prime, the Fake Loop period began in 998).
  • The "Tree Period" is completely lost, as none of its frames are prime. This is more surprising and significant than the missing French Girl and Loop periods, as those periods were each only 4 frames (and thus easy to be missed when condensing to primes), while this one had 23 frames, making it the third and definitely the largest period to be completely omitted by Prime Time. As a result, the only image we get of the "Neat Tree" is a single frame after Cueball has returned from is his Quest during the Sixth Journey Period.
  • Molpy detection is basically impossible, because through the Journey Era there really are barely any frames within the same camera shots to be able to see the change in pixels allowing a molpy to be identified.
  • The Snake is not included at all, though Megan's question about if it had horns above the eyes does.
  • One of the 4 frames of the "Wowterfall" (1933) does manage to be included.

The PrimeTime GifEdit

Below is the PrimeTime gif, current to prime frame 1657:


Prime-time GIF animation, current to prime frame 1993.

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