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Questioning the Quest at the Abandoned Habitation is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time within the Discovery Era. It is a rather critical period to the story, featuring discovered ruins and one of the comic's longest and most plot-determining conversations to that point.
It lasted from frame 1579 to frame 1611.

After moving past the vineyard, Cuegan arrive first at a tree next to what appears to be a bench and a fire pit. Just beyond the bench they find the remains of some sort of wooden structure. Cueball notes that it is made out of material which appears similar to that which flows down their river and thus ponders if the former residents are related to the people in the hills. Megan is unsure of this, but skeptical because the markings found at the nearby Baobab Trees didn't look familiar.

Megan proposes that with they've wood found they could now build a raft to cross the river and continue their journey down the coast to discover why the sea is rising. Cueball is hesitant to return all the way to the sea at this time since they learned far less walking along the shore than they seem to be learning away from it. He is uncertain whether they can in fact learn everything, though Megan asserts that they still can learn anything. While she sincerely still wants an answer to the rising sea question, she agrees to forego crossing the river for the time being and continue with Cueball into the nearby mountains, which she admits look neat.

The scene ends with the two briefly splitting, Cueball back to the nearby river for water, Megan back to the vineyard for food. The action follows Megan off to the left on her short quest.

Molpy sightings during this period:Edit

edit to add Molpy sightings for this period.

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