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River Era is one of the eras of the xkcd comic Time within the Journey Eon. It lasted from frame 1022 to 1220.


The River Era is the second era of Cueball and Megan's quest to discover why the Sea is rising. Having come to a large river (the first river other than their own they've yet seen) at the end of the Shoreline Era, they realize they cannot continue to follow the shore without crossing the river, but it is very big. After resting for a while at the riverside, they decide to continue upriver in hopes of finding a means of crossing it so that they can continue their quest. They rest a second time along the river halfway through this era. The era ends when they see hills and decide to depart from the river and cross through the hills and meet up with the river again later.


1022 - 1077: The River Period

1078 - 1121: Third Journey Period

1122 - 1149: Second River Period

1150 - 1220: Fourth Journey Period

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