This is a collection of smileys that are frequently used on the One True Thread .  Many are created by OTTers and inspired by the One True Comic or conversation on the OTT.  This page serves as the Wiki companion to the OTT smiley repository on NP 1300.

OTC CharactersEdit

Smiley Name Image Artist BBCode
Beanette Beanettesmileybyyappo yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Beanie Beaniesmiley yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Beanie Love Beanielovesmileybyyappo yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Cueball Cueballpvqjc Vytron [IMG][/IMG]
Cuegan Love Megball love Earthling on Mars [IMG][/IMG]
LaPetite Lapetitek0s89 Vytron [IMG][/IMG]
Littlest Bangs Lpb smiley2 Earthling on Mars [IMG][/IMG]
Megan Meganx8p5l Vytron [IMG][/IMG]
Mini-Bunny SmileySBMiniBunny BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Rosetta Rosettasmiley yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Rosetta (Standing) SmileySB2Rosetta2 BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Squirpy Squirpy StormAngel [IMG][/IMG]
Squirpy (Reversed) Squirpy R StormAngel [IMG][/IMG]

OTT SmileysEdit

Smiley Name Image Artist BBCode
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Beanie (Hat)
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Chainsaw LBB
Bangsaw by EarthlingOnMars
Earthling on Mars [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Dalek Punsaw
mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
Grapevine Grapevine mscha [IMG][/IMG]
Grapevine Tower Grapevinetower mscha [IMG][/IMG]
Green Hat
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Green Hat (Pumpkin)
BlitzGirl (ergman-inspired) [IMG][/IMG]
Green Hat (Pumpkin 2)
Pumpkin Hatter by StormAngel
StormAngel [IMG][/IMG]
Hatted Cupcake 5A7ELuI [IMG][/IMG]
Ketchup Ketchup yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Mini-Ketchup Ketchup1 [IMG][/IMG]
Metal Molpy
BlitzGirl (Original by yappobiscuits) [IMG][/IMG]
Molpy Molpy Outside source [IMG][/IMG]
Molpy (Reversed)
40421 plain-molpy-ltr
mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
Molpy (Beanie'd) Molpybeanie mscha [IMG][/IMG]
Molpy (Beanie'd and Reversed)
mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
Molpy Punsaw
Molpy Leader (Reversed)
OTTsmileys - leader by mrob27
mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
Newpixbot (placid)
40418 npb dark
ChronosDragon [IMG][/IMG]
Newpixbot (angry)
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Ninja Star
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Panther Salve
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Redundakitty (No Believe?)
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Thong SmileyThong BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Tiny Trebuchet
BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
Welcome Forward
Marsh'n [IMG][/IMG]
Zzz (Molpy Down)
yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]

OTTer SmileysEdit

Smiley Name Image Artist BBCode
AluisioASG OTTSmileys-aluisioasg yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
AluisioASG (Sad) Sad dragon yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Angelastic OTTSmileys-angelastic yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
azule OTTSmileys-azule yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl OTTSmileys-blitzgirl yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl (Punsaw) Punsaw smiley yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl (Time Warp Punsaw)
Punsaw vortex
mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
BlitzGirl (ROT13 Punsaw) Punsaw Blitzsagen StormAngel [IMG][/IMG]
buffygirl  OTTSmileys-buffygirl2 yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
buffygirl (Smiley) OTTSmileys-buffygirl yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
ChronosDragon OTTSmileys-chronosdragon yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
ChronosDragon (Hatted) OTTSmileys-chronosdragonHAT yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Dracomax OTTSmileys-dracomax yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
ergman OTTSmileys-ergman yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Eternal Density OTTSmileys-eternaldensity yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Flado OTTSmileys-Flado by yappobiscuits yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
HAL9000 OTTSmileys-hal9000 yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
HES OTTSmileys-hes yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
HES (Chainsaw) HESchainsaw HES and BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
HES (Chainsaw Reversed) ReversedHESchainsaw
higgs-boson OTTSmileys-higgsboson yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
k.bookbinder OTTSmileys-kbookbinder yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
kenmelken OTTSmileys-kenmelken yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Kieryn OTTSmileys-kieryn yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
lmjb1964 OTTSmileys-lmjb1964 yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
mrob27 (bouncing) Smiley mrob27-bounce mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
mrob27 (skipping) 40424 mrob27-skipping mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
mrob27 (TARDIS arrive) Smiley mrob27-tardis-arrive mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
mrob27 (TARDIS depart) Smiley mrob27-tardis-depart mrob27 [IMG][/IMG]
mrob27 (TARDIS recursion) Mrob27-Tardis-looper StormAngel [IMG][/IMG]
mscha OTTSmileys-mscha yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Neil_Boekend OTTsmileys-neilboekend yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
pelrigg OTTSmileys-pelrigg by yappobiscuits yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
slinches OTTSmileys-slinches yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
taixzo OTTSmileys-taixzo yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Tatiana OTTSmileys-tatiana yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
Valarya OTTSmileys-valarya yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
wizpretz OTTSmileys-wizpretz yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
yappobiscuits Yappobiscuits1 ChronosDragon [IMG][/IMG]
yappobiscuits (Ketchup) Yappoketchup2

BlitzGirl (drawn) yappobiscuits (animated)

yappobiscuits (Singing) YappoMusicSmiley BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
ZoomanSP OTTSmileys-zoomansp yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]

  Pope SmileysEdit

Smiley Name Image Artist BBCode

AluisioASG (Sad Pope)

Popedragon sad [IMG][/IMG]

AluisioASG (Smiling Pope)

Popedragon Unknown, hatted by yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
azule (Pope) AzulePopeHat BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]

BlitzGirl (Mome)

Mopeymome yappobiscuits [IMG][/IMG]
ergman (Pope) ErgPope emoticon [IMG][/IMG]
HES (Pope) HamplyPope BlitzGirl [IMG][/IMG]
mrob27 (Pope) NP1837 mrobpope HES [IMG][/IMG]
mrob27 (Pope, Gravity) Otc 42 mrob pope HES [IMG][/IMG]
popebot Otc 43 bot pope [IMG][/IMG]
yappobiscuits (Pope) Otc 47 yappope HES [IMG][/IMG]
AluisioASG (Pope, updated) OTTSmileys-aluisioasg-pope [IMG][/IMG]
ChronosDragon (Pope) OTTSmileys-chronosdragon [IMG][/IMG]
taixzo (Pope) Taixo pope smiley HES [IMG][/IMG]
SilentTimer (Pope) Timer-hatted-pope-2 [IMG][/IMG]

ʀᴇʟᴀᴛᴇᴅ SmileysEdit

Smiley Name Image Source
Badgermolpy Badger-smiley [1]
Badgermolpy (Pope) Badger-pope [2]
Bouncing Cueball
Ball b10
Cake Bougies07 [4]
Comfy Chair
Cthulhu 40422 emot-cthulhu [6]
Drinking Semencoffeecancer Smiley Kaffee [7]
Drunk on Ketchup Icon drunk [8]
Hat Ekud2 [9]
Tipping the hat 40124 tip-o-the-hat [10]
Smiley red-hat-tip by mrob
Ketchup Ketchup-bottle-smiley-emoticon [11]
Knight Temporal Paladin [12]
Knight Temporal (hourglass on shield) 40366 knight-temporal Mrob27
Molpy Army Leader Free-jumping-smileys-449 [13]
Off to Coma Sleepy-going-to-bed [14]
ONG Smiley emoticons weckruf [15]
Otter Bouncing Otter bounce by jeanawei1234-d53jru2 [16]
Otter Pirate Pirate otter by jeanawei1234-d532uyp [17]
Pope 1eveque [18]
Raptorcat Running-black-cat [19]
Raptorcat (fast) 40420 lucky-12fr Mrob27
Raptorcat (Large)
Redundakitty Black cat-133 [21]
Redundakitty Face
River RiverTamSmileyEmoticonEtCetera [23]
RUN Running scared emoticon by sheep0creator [24]
Sandcastle Smile-sandcastle [25]
Sands of Time Mixed-smiley-008 [26]
Snake Th 6 [27]
Treeish Christmas-tree-112 [28]
Waiting For It (with hourglass) 40125 waiting-for-it [29]
Welcome Back Welcomeback [30]

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