In Sandcastle Builder, the t1i timeline is a late-game content path, based on The SilentONGs – t1i – A Sequel To Time. It is accessible after reaching NP 4000 in the OTC timeline and buying several boosts. This timeline is 1414 images (Newpix) long, and all NPs are "longpix" (1 hour between updates, rather than half an hour).

The t1i timeline can support dragons (in positive NPs), and has its own set of discoveries (shown below). You can make sand and glass monuments, and diamond masterpieces, in the NPs with discoveries, just as in the original timeline.

Internally, the NP numbers in the t1i timeline are designated by adding 0.1 to the NP numbers. This only appears in some parts of the game interface, not all parts.

The t1i timeline, and the boosts needed to reach it, were introduced in game version 4.


Newpix Discovery Name Description
11 A wild Beanie appears! 11 pix before humanoid life. A new record?
13 Another one? The beanies might have an adventure.
90 Herd you wanted people 77 consecutive pix with no people.
197 The Sea The first sign of OTTishness in over 180 pix.
202 Wave The sea is uneven.
203 Hour-long Night The first night lasts an hour. It is uneventful.
209 The Forty arrive We hear a familiar voice from a familiar scene.
212 T** **d again? In which we see the familiar scene.
216 Well that was quick In which t1i suddenly seemed to have ended.
228 Not over yet The scene changes to reveal something new.
237 Settling in In which we see the collected Forty once more.
262 Let's find out Cueball and Megan go to meet their islandmates.
291 Different air The air is different.
292 Seen the top already In which we learn that Cueball and Megan have seen the top of the mountain
294 Breathe Megan wonders if people can breathe on mountains.
304 Another snake Cueball sees a different snake.
317 Just thinking Cueball explains his slowness.
318 It winked The snake somehow winked
321 Very cautious Increased efforts to be careful.
345 It moved A plant somehow moves.
346 Finally Cueball finally considers himself mad.
353 The world is weirder Truth is stranger than fiction.
356 Crazier The higher they get, the crazier they get.
360 Crazy enough Megan calls Cueball too sane for her tastes.
400 The Top Megan announces their arrival to the top of the island.
418 Another Castle The pair tries to make a dirt castle.
426 I miss our beach Dirt doesn't shape well.
432 They've been here The Beanies have been there.
440 The Beanie fortress Cueball finishes a replica of the Beanie Fortress.
441 Mountain identified Megan figures out where they are.
448 Two flags The pair leave a corresponding pair of flags in the castle.
455 Beanie cam The Beanies spot the castle.
480 Higher mountains The pair wonder if there are higher mountains on other islands.
486 Breathe again The pair wonder how high up people can breathe.
514 A third snake The pair spot yet another snake.
556 The other half We learn just how small the island is.
560 Broken castle The pair spots something interesting.
599 Aunt Some characterization of Cueball's aunt.
618 Tsee-chirp A sound that will return many more times.
633 Warning signs We see a sinister-looking series of Xs.
649 Not a castle The castle is arrived at.
658 Recent Someone was there recently.
679 There's a cave Cueball notices a cave.
680 Someone inside Someone is inside.
681 Beanies! The beanies yell for the first time.
685 Oh no! Cueball yells for the first time.
760 Back home The foursome arrives back to the Forty's camp.
772 Beanies learn quickly The beanie figures out a word.
788 and draw well The beanie uses her sketchbook.
804 Close call Cueball realizes how lucky he is.
808 Cueball gets excited Cueball accidentally creates an awkward situation.
844 Beanies learn extremely quickly The Beanie learns to speak a language somewhat overnight.
864 Not Superman The Beanie displays her non-superman, non-plane art.
924 Assorted Art The Beanie shows her sketchbook's content.
926 Some sort of molpy Another drawing of something weird.
956 She knows everything The pair discuss their views on Beanish knowledge.
977 Green water The pond is full of fresh, green, water.
997 Bad water The pair realize that the water is dangerous.
1011 Mouring The trio briefly pause to pay their respects to the dead.
1023 The plan The Beanie reveals the chosen method of retrieval.
1094 Crunch The body makes a crunching sound.
1097 Stuck The retrieval device gets stuck.
1105 Lasso Megan begins to try to lasso the body.
1106 Yeah! Megan successfully gets the body.
1115 Looking weird The pair comment on their cave protection devices.
1173 Burial site The trio finish burying the body.
1202 Fossils The Beanie shows the pair something from the dead bodies.
1222 How they came The Beanish boat is revealed.
1229 Map A crude map is finished.
1321 Oil barrels The second image from the book.
1323 Radioactive The fourth image from the book.
1373 Who taught them Lapetite explains what is happening, suggesting an answer to an old question.
1395 Summon bigger boat A bigger Beanish boat is revealed.
1408 T** **d for real. T** **d is displayed a second time.
1414 Rosetta returns Rosetta is seen receiving the maps from the pair.

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