The Gospel according to PhoenixRisingEdit

Quest Progress Chapter Heading
The Epiphany Leaving np 459 for the past.
406/460 The Sigcouragement encounter.
410/466 "Looks like posting may have slowed down in my Future (your Present)? This is encouraging. So is the entire afternoon I have free for this..."
417/467 "Haikus (Haiku?) abound, and The Lightening has just begun. Truly exciting times!"
428/471 "Speculation about the end of the OTC abounds, as does the randomness and off-topic chatter that's been present almost the entire way."
433/472 Finally dropped under 40 pages to go, as apparently the postrate in the Future has slowed again. (Hopefully this doesn't mean my frequent signposts end up double-posting or dominating pages... somebody sig-warn me if that becomes the case, please?)
436/472 So many new people popping out of nowhere as the OTC apparently winds down. I see mentions of "this is my first/second/third post" but high postcounts on several of them, so I have a feeling there will be more new faces once I get back to the Present!
445/480 Breaking again to coma and work, but I'll try to make one huge sprint afterward. Wish me luck! (I half expect it'll take an extra day, based on my speed today, but we'll see what happens. Easy reading is fast reading and rumor has it the reading gets easier soon...)
453/491 I seem to have regained whatever ground I lost between coma and work, and I'm under 40 pages to go again. ... The Fading, with all its goodbyes, worries and nervous anticipation has passed. Celebration over a new eon/aeon ..., merging with the continued celebration over The Great Meeting with Blitzgirl. Truly a joyful period indeed.
456/492 More new faces popping up to congratulate BlitzGirl and share their stories of traveling through time. What an enjoyable period to roam through. :D I can't be far behind now, the atmosphere of this thread is still strong in those pastposts...
460/492 Megan and Cueball walk in total silence ... causing marvel at the depth of their relationship. The celebration for BlitzGirl continues ... Meanwhile I'm roughly halfway caught up, and have found my first signpost!
465/493 Posting in the Future seems to have slowed to a crawl again. Good for a final sprint (or two). Megan and Cueball (Cuegan?) have taken a break, sitting in much the same positions they did in the first frame. Everyone is flipping out thinking a loop is imminent.
471/494 Bags, bags errywhere!
473/494 A few more bag jokes here, together with much discussion about how M&C could have walked left from the castles Kingdom but be seen going right here. No real consensus yet but some very good ideas.
481/495 I'm close enough to feel it ...

Helper, HAL, and Opiboble returned from prolonged absences, and there was much rejoicing and chaos. An odd gray streak has appeared in the OTC ... Now that the Quotes wikipage is up to 165, I'm declaring myself Quotemaster unless...

484/495 (I ninja'd my way back for a few more newpages 8-) ). Megan and Cueball are still walking, but now Megan made reference to needing to use a steam bottle.
495/498 One little push more...
496/498 I take strength in my closeness to the Present, and surge forward.
499/499 Home. And just in time for the magical 500th page, no less.

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