The Gospel of RobIrrEdit

... who upon falling a mere 26 pages behind, undertook to begin a BlitzQuest, and became Enlightened.  This is a cautionary tale, and while the Message is brief, there is Enlightenment in the message.  One must not falter in one's dedication to the One True Comic and to the One True Thread.

Quest Progress Chapter Heading
459/485. The breaking of the silence of the walk. A small gap leads to a big quest.
472 of 490. I've managed to catch up so I am only 18 newpages behind The first illusion of having caught up.
537 of 594 Passing of the first sign post.
576 of 604. A serious amount of blitzing has me caught back up to within 30 pages of "now" The second illusion, and a lesson for the complacent.

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