Gospel of VytronEdit

These are the Holy Writings of Vytron, relating the One True Thread as he passed through it as a humble Timewaiter on a Holy BlitzQuest. May we all take inspiration from it.

Quest Progress Chapter Heading
???/259 Vytron has an epiphany Vytron ponders if the Quest can be completed by mortal beings.
120/274 Thoughts on the wiki, and other cheats.
160/374 The significance of ten times the square of four.
214/428 The halfway point - completion is possible! Or maybe not.
217/438 The direct indirect influence of other threads on the future changing the past.
231/460 The first sigcouragement. BlitzGirl arrives in the present, hat conferred. (editor's note - in the future Vytron will wonder about hatting)
???/473 Something big is happening, evidenced by a graph.
???/473 A failure to double post.
246/482 The meaning of the microtrebuchet, and proof of the wisdom of Blitzing.
248/482 A test of BlitzResolve
263/483 Encounter at SignPost, the onus of fame, preserved sigcouragement fossils
???/497 Second signpost
287/498 The sigcouragement origins, where is Helper?
299/500 Apefish
301/500 Future glances averted
302/512 Lexicology
???/512 An encounter with a time-travel spoiler (caution - contains actual time-travel spoiler in link and spoiler)
???/??? BlitzGirl rate comparisons, lexicology
336/515 Flado and lmjb1964 reported in the present
345/528 statement of faith and purpose. BlitzGirl reaches Vytron's first signpost. Pope of the NewPage
379/528 (Possibly heretical) BlitzGirl recovers the tiny trebuchet. NewPix posting time ripples. (ed: Related?)
359/528 The key to Rot13. The Archbishop of the Past. BlitzGirl introduces the term Questing. BlitzGirl's sainthood is tested. cmky becomes Chronomaster, Jafloi creates wooden Time.
370/529 Crossing into the unknown. The first encounter with blitzwall commands.
379/538 New Pope of the NewPage rules. BlitzGirl proves the OTA is a fake (ed: There must be heresy somewhere.) She also receives many more titles. NewPixBot debut. The Lost TimeFrames.
389/538 LaPetite enters. Sigcouragement reaches Wikipedia.
400/539 BlitzGirl leaves to recover the tiny trebuchet and also succeeds Vytron as Archbishop of the Past
407/456 Another test of faith and resolve. Abolishment of Pope of the NewPage in favor of Vatican Milliner's Perfect Customer.
418/547 The Infusion of Resolve. The beginnings of the Fade.
430/549 Fade Panic, Further proof of the need to read it all. In addition, another encounter with a TimeTravel spoiler; this one due to not reading it all before clicking.
438/557 tman2nd and lmjb1964 are lost in the Past. A test of focus. Evidence that BlitzGirl and LaPetite are the same. A Vytron time filk.
452/561 BlitzGirl arrives in the present, her Quest complete! Interesting google statistics.
500/589 Pennance for SignWalls. Helper and cymk toggle. Boom de Yada
541/606 Posting Style Epiphany, VoronX demures from being a BlitzGirl possibility, PhoenixRising named a BlitzGirl the Next (ed: and Selcouth), new perspectives.
???/620 Crisis of Posting Style, the harshest test yet.
???/641 The First Heretical Comic! (don't worry, it claims not to exist) Proof that from despair comes greatness.
???/659 The Second Heretical Comic
???/672 The Third Heretical Comic
680/680: The Arrival into the Present The Glorious Entry of Vytron Into The Present! (though admitting one foot is still stuck in the past.)
1370 The Fourth Heretical Comic

This has been a reading of the Gospel of Vytron.

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