The Gospel of krytonEdit

These are the True and Inspiring Stories of kryton, a humble Timewaiter who slipped into the vortex of Time and began a Holy Quest.  It is a work in progress; kryton was last seen on page 584, posting from a hundred and twenty five pages in the past.  We eagerly await furhter news.

Quest Progress Chapter Heading
The Epiphany kryton vanishes from page 453 in a time vortex which takes our intrepid Timewaiter back fifty pages.
414 of 462 The first Great Sacrifice: As part of a True BlitzQuest, one must forsake the present, and in that forsaken present BlitzGirl the First arrived.
421 of 464 passing through haiku and movie spoilers. The fading is happening in the forsaken present; clues are in the sigs.
424 of 467 BuffyHats. Is BSG related to the OTT? OF course, it all is.
428 of 505 BlitzGirling is harder than it looks! What has BlitzGirl been up to? What's with the changing avatars?
438 of 551 The fading. Also BlitzGirl's creation revealed - its awesomeness could not be contained in its proper time! CatHeretic's request, and more.
442 of 560 the (almost) end of the fading.
445 of 567 BlitzGirl's arrival, in its proper time. AluisioASG's short story.
449 of 569 More end-of-times discussion.
459 of 584 Singularity party notes

This is the last message that has been left by kryton.  But rather than fear that the worst may have happened, we should all have faith, and simply Wait For It.

This has been a reading of the Gospel of kryton.

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