The Gospel according to taixzoEdit

Due to the (almost! - see CasCat) unprecedented speed of this BlitzQuest, the resulting gospel is moer akin to a river than to the sea. Like poetry however, its brevity is a unique strength. Let it also bring you strength as you read from it.

Quest Progress Chapter Heading
First thoughts taixzo contemplates the Holy Quest, and asks if it is possible
Contemplation and departure He considers the responses, and decides there is no better time than now. He departs.
NP 75 The Beginning was a different world. Amazement that the thread has gone on for twenty pages.
NP 200 of 743 The HODOR madness, beginnings of the papacy.
NP 314 of 749 The first encounter with BlitzGirl the First (the first BlitzGirl, BlitzGirl herself) Origin of Kinghts Temporal.
NP 420 of 758 Collision with rot13 and roti++. Footnote madness begins to affect taixzo.
NP 447 of 760 The Fading, the entry of BlitzGirl and the re-entry of LaPetite. taixzo is convinced they are one and the same.
NP 496 of 767 The return of Pope Helper, Opibobble, and HAL9000. Mustard. The taixzo newpixometer.
NP 517 of 779 taixzo's first sacrament of Sigcouragement, from Vytron.
NP 619 of 786 The first molpy (not yet named), synesthesia, Legos (or Lego bricks, or just lego, or...)
NP 626 of 788 BlitzGirl's ENHANCE! The term molpy is settled on, perhaps to fit a haiku. Encounter with familiar posts.
NP 791 of 793 Encounter with his departure, and subsequent blessings, including the one from the Pope of the Holy Contradiction himself. The proliferation of animated avatars. The Tribe post of charlie_grumbles.
NP 794 of 794. Glorious arrival into the present Emergence.

This has been a reading of the Gospel of taixzo.

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