The Gospel according to thirdsEdit

The Outside calls all of us to account, thirds is no exception. This is the True Account of the Glorious BlitzQuest of thirds, who, upon feeling the Great Void of Time induced by the Outside, set out to drink from the River of Time.  The entries are brief but pithy; let them be an inspiration to all.

Quest Progress Chapter Heading
1150/1339 The Epiphany 189 newpages in the past, the journey is clear.
1158/1339 The New Testament Afterburners on!
1170/1339 Not much further (an appropriate image)
1196/1339 Unfounded fear of the end of the OTT An interesting thought, and the return of BlitzGirl
1218/1340 fear assuaged Thanks for two treeish otties.
1238/1340 Glory Be to the OTT, a test of faith.
1245/1341 Metaphor, and BlitzGirl names the 40.
1247/1341 The stars again, off by ten.
1249/1341 pause for breath The new sandcastle, a reblitz.
1254/1344 The stone in front of the tomb.
lost/1344 requiem, memoriam thirds' touching ottification of "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"
1345/1345 grief and thanks "I refuse to call this the end of the OTT, however, and I am certainly not done. I hope the same for all of you."

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