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The Gospel of tman2ndEdit

1 Chapter 1: Epiphany

2 Chapter 2: The Last ONG

Chapter 3: Signpost 1.  The list of firsts is begun.

Chapter 4: The New Testament of Signpost 1. (blitzposts are, of course, unavailable for editing since they are in the future)

Chapter 5: Signpost 2. The first smallpost.

Chapter 6: Signpost 3. The second smallpost.

Chapter 7: Here and Here. A temporary end to signposts.

Chapter 8: In nine diferent posts.[1] Spoiler reports.

Chapter 9: Cat defence.

Chapter 10: Time warp.

Chapter 11: Signpost 4: The return of the signposts.

Chapter 12: Signpost 5.

Chapter 13: Signpost 6.

Chapter 14: Signpost 7.

Chapter 15: A Blitzmessage.

Chapter 16: Signpost 8: Part of which is lost to Time.

Chapter 17: The 1st lost signpost.

Chapter 18: Signpost 9.

Chapter 19: The 2nd lost signpost.

Chapter 20: Signpost 10.

The Great Silence

Chapter 21: A small update ending the silence.

The Final Chapter: Arival in the Present.


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