This article is about The Madness in 0 A.T. (2013 C.E.) For other Madnesses, see The Madness

Starting around TimeFrame 192, the moderators of the forum initiated[1] The Madness , also known in 2013 as the RECKONING. Mod Madness is an annual event on the xkcd fora where a script normally used on discussion boards to replace offensive words with censored versions is instead used to replace virtually any word with any other word, changing otherwise normal words to horribly delightful puns or random nonsense.

It ended at approximately TimeFrame 309.


The warning given by the outsiders

Response on the OTT Edit

Since many readers of the OTT had paid little to no attention to the xkcd fora before the beginning of Time, the onset of Madness shortly after the start of the comic came as a surprise.  Initially it was difficult for forum newcomers to realize anything was being changed, since as is typical the Madness began slowly with only a few filters.  Due to the nature of OTT conversation at the Time (misconstrued sentences by sleep deprived people)  it wasn't obvious to a casual observer that something was changing.

However, soon the moderators targeted popular terms in the OTT and the changes were unavoidable.  Some key changed words included newpix, sandcastle, and time. The filtering of the word "time" made following the comic particularly problematic as all of the images of Time contained the word in the url, and were therefore unviewable on the thread.  

It is thought that this issue led to the site administrator granting an unprecedented immunity to wordfilters to the thread, 22 time frames after the Madness had begun.  All original posts on the OTT were thereafter unaffected by filters (though quotations, searches, PMs,  and the entire rest of the fora were still subject to the word swaps).  This immunity would last nearly three years, until the forum migration that ended the Madness of 2016.

Other Madness Effects Edit

Madness Hodor

The wild card filter in effect.

The number of words in the script quickly got out of hand and led to pages and pages of more nonsense than usual.

At some point SecondTalon[2], a mod, added an * to the script (a wild card character) that replaced all words with "HODOR", resulting in approximately 45 seconds of complete forum unreadability.

List of discovered translations Edit

A more complete spreadsheet based on forum-wide collaboration can also be found here.

Filters to
. (dot, when not followed by a letter/number) FULL STOP
20* (anything beginning 20) STAR DATE 2245
am be
ate eat-did
automation robot
been be-done
bender flexo
best goodest
better gooder
can tin
cannot tinnot
conspire Reckon-plot
Easter Passover
eaten eat-done
economy common wood
FaiD FaDe
favor bro-solid
Firefox netscape
filter instant
filters instance
fire beflame
god Ra
Google Chrome AOL
gone go-done
gun Gonne
Had Have-did
he's he be
hugs platonic squeezes
humming whistlin'
I'm I be
instance Zul-Gurub
Is/are Be
knew ken-did
know ken
language wordy-writey-meaning-conveying-wibbly-wobbly stuff
man werman
might may-did
money money and aeroplanes
newpix fortnight
penis, Penis PENIS
perspire flop sweat
pie Proto-Indo-European
post stake
posted post-did
reader JFK
reckoned reckon-did
retire Old Folks Vacation
roband rob&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
said say-did
sand Magic
sandcastle Magic Kingdom
she's she be
snow angelpoop
Spam An entirely legitimate post made by someone who hasn't read the rules yet
Step 3.)  ????
Technically Correct Technically Correct (USE THIS ONE)
they're they be
think reckon
thought reckon-did
thread needle-pulled thing
(previously: small sequence of programmed instructions)
threads pieces of catgut or silk or wire wield-did by surgeons to stitch tissues together
time Thing that keeps slipping into the future
(previously: Things that are on my side for 600, Alex!)
tricks trickses
Was/were Be-did
watched watch-did
what hwæt
what've hwæt've
Will Woll
woman wyfman
won't woll not
wordfilter instant coffee
worse badder
worst baddest
would woll-did
wouldn't woll-did not
written write-done
wrote write-did
you're you be

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