This article is about The Madness in 3 A.T. (2016 C.E.) For other Madnessen, see The Madness

The Madness is an annual event where the mods go mad and the forum becomes weird for a few days due to the application of wordfilters. Filters are usually used by bulletin boards to censor offensive words. During a Mod Madness, moderators use this system to change words into other words or symbols for their amusement. 

For about a day after the forum migration, individual users could turn off the wordfilters in their User Control Panel (Board Preferences; Edit display options; Enable word censoring; No). Previous Madnessen had no such escape and were viewed as an unavoidable Act of Mod.  As of now the option to turn filters off has not been reinstated.


The announcement of oncoming Madness, 3 A.T.

In 2016, Madness was announced  9 March. (Cuegandix 15 Advent, 2 A.T.)

The filtering of words started on the 18th of March. (Daveandix 24 Advent, 2 A.T.) The wordfilters stopped after the entire forum's migration to new hardware on 23 March.

The filter discovery spreadsheet run by other forumites is here.

Pre-Existing Filters Edit

These filters existed prior to the announcement of the Madness: 

Original Text Filters to
Chuck Norris Bruce Schneier
feminine wiles **misogyny not found**
lost the game lost twenty dollars and my self respect
Obamacare The Affordable Care Act
OMFG Oh me yarm Oh
OMG Oh me yarm
Pizzashark Some Asshole
political correctness Basic Human Decency
politically correct Basically Decent
shrill justified
shrilly justifiably
tweak twerk
tweaked twerked
tweaking twerking

New Filters in 3 A.T. Edit

Filters that were in effect for this year's Madness:

Original Text Filters to Inactive as of:
2000 19:0
2001 19:1
2002 19:2
2003 19:3
2004 19:4
2005 19:5
2006 19:6
2007 19:7
2008 19:8
2009 19:9
2010 19;0
2011 19;1
2012 19;2
2013 19;3
2014 19;4
2015 year of the prancing wildebeest
2016 year of the drunk bobcat
also also also
also also also 2016-03-19
also also also also also also
also also also also also also 2016-03-21
and &
Apple Darmok
A pple Picard
apricity Korra
April February
August November
Batman Ironman
Bernie Bunny
caucus pub brawl
caucuses pub brawls
Clinton Clowntown
count Dracula
counting one...two...four
Cruz the Zodiac Killer
December August
dollar squirrel
dollars squirrels
Donald literal fascist
donut hazelnut
donuts hazelnuts
eight four
enjoy the show cyberpeanut cybergallery
FaiD The One True Forum
February December
filter ingredient
filters ingredients
five six
FleetingThoughts twitteryfloats
fleeting thoughts flittery thunks
flicky .
four zero
Free as in Destitute The One True Forum
Fun [any capitalization] fun [all lowercase]
General Specific
GOP Obstructionist Party
Guess ridiculously make up 2016-03-20
Hillary Hilarity
house House
immigrant expat
immigrants expats
immigration moving house
imposition nuclear option
it begends The Endginning Cometh
January October
July June
June May
law suggestion
laws guidelines
list recipe
longest time aeons
madness fun
magic smoke Puff
magicians Magickians
making sense making babies
March September
May March
me too me too, too
Mike HUGE 2016-03-20
militia terrorist cell
million hundred
Mod Madness Chocolate chips
must not should not
nine zero
November January
October July
OMFG Oh My Grob
OMG Oh My Glob
Once Upon A Castle Eureka's Castle
one six
post fence post tree
poster fence-builder
p o* This should break some stuff
po s* This should break more stuff
pos t* This one will certainly have unforeseen consequences
po:st Is it candy?
po;st What's regex? I'm doing these manually.
poste r fence house home tree builder stick
p o s t e r C h e a t e r
presidential election Popularity contest
primary contest for People's Sexiest Person of the Year
primaries contests for People's Sexiest Person of the Year
Republican Obstructionist
Republicans Obstructionists
San Bernardino Tanagra
Sanders Sandals
Scalia Scalene
score twenty
scored twentied
scores twenties
scoring twentying
sense babies
September April
seven eight
should not will not
six two
snow fire
Superman Captain America
Texas hold 'em Poke her face
the beginning the awakening
the end the beginning
the FBI Jalad
t he FBI Dathon
them us
thread wool
threads cotton
three eight
Trump Tronald "Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest- and you know it!" Dump 2016-03-22
Trump Tronald "Tinyhands" Dump
two seven
vocation willingness to work for longer hours and less pay
vote hammer
voted hammered
voter lover
voters lovers
votes hammers
voting hammering
Wall Street wolf pack
what if remember when
Wheel of Time The Neverending Story
will not must not
wordfilter batter
wordfilters batter
you I
zero five


Individual digits and the names of numbers were filtered into different numbers this year.  As a result the OTT would appear as the "six True Thread" under the influence of filters. This also affected mentions of FaiD, which originally filtered to "The One True Forum" and as a result turned into "The six True Forum".  

This quick-reference table is sorted by increasing numerical order. Number words may be found individually in the main list above. This table does not include years.

Original Text Filters to
0 4
1 0
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 0
6 1
7 4
8 3
9 4
zero five
one six
two seven
three eight
four zero
five six
six two
seven eight
eight four
nine zero
million hundred


Quick reference for the month-swapping filters; may be found individually in the main filter list.

Original Text Filters to
January October
February December
March September
April February
May March
June May
July June
August November
September April
October July
November January
December August

Forum DescriptionsEdit

On the xkcd  board index , the various subforums and categories have listed descriptions that can also be affected by wordfilters, so mods create custom filters specifically to fit the descriptions.  The new description for the first entry references the appearance of the OTT in that more typically "mayfly" forum.

Relevant Forum Original Text Filters to
Individual XKCD Comic Threads This forum is for the individual discussion thread that goes with each new comic. Spawning ground for religions, languages, and cultures
What If? What if there was a forum for discussing these? Beware of being trapped in a hypothetical
News & Articles Seen something interesting in the news or on the intertubes? Discuss it here. Is anything ever new in our helical timeline? There are definitely articles though.
Serious Business For the serious discussion of weighty matters and worldly issues. No off-topic posts allowed. SRZ BZNZZ!!!! It's all swings and roundabouts.
XKCD Meetups For discussion of group meetings in the meat-o-sphere. Because sometimes meat-suits like seeing other meat-suits
General Things that don't belong anywhere else. (Check first). Dumping grounds for everything else
Mathematics For the discussion of math. Duh. Mathematical!!
Science For the discussion of the sciences. Physics problems, chemistry equations, biology weirdness, it all goes here. Ologies, istries, and ics.
Language/Linguistics For the discussion of language mechanics, grammar, vocabulary, trends, and other such linguistic topics, in english and other languages. blah blah blah blah blah
School The school experience. School related queries, discussions, and stories that aren't specific to a subject. for where we go to sleep while being talked at (subliminal learning, yo!).
The Help Desk "Please leave a message at the beep, we will get back to you when your support contract expires." RTFM
Coding A place to discuss the implementation and style of computer programs. 010101010101010101110101010101
Computer Science A place to discuss the science of computers and programs, from algorithms to computability. Proto-hackers
Computer Science (second line) Formal proofs preferred. [one space]
Hardware The magic smoke. The Puff.
Religious Wars Please compose all posts in Emacs. turns out people have strong feelings about things
Logic Puzzles A forum for good logic/math puzzles. Communicating badly then acting smug when you're misunderstood
Forum Games For all your silly time-killing forum games. It's all fun & games....
Your art and links Think your art is better or your stick figures worse? Got a link to a site you want to share? Post it here! Art, yo...
Fit Club The Food Forum's Evil Twin. Trying to lose weight or get in shape? Tips, encouragement, status reports, and so forth go here. Fight club
Fit Club (second line) Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, we are not health professionals. Take advice with salt. [three spaces]
Gaming Of the Tabletop, and other, lesser varieties. ....until someone loses an eye
Movies and TV Shows Rot your brains, then rot our boards for those with square eyes
Music It's only cool if no one's heard of it. We're no strangers to love You know the rules & so do I
Books A slow, analog alternative to the internet For the squarer eyed
Food Apparently, people like to eat. Om nom
Site/Forum issues Need the mods or admins to do something for you? Post here. Read the "About" post first. Syfy
News Official site news [DEPRECATED] Cake!
Free as in Destitute have your freedom and lose everything else. The One True Forum, dedicated to the Time comic. Off-topic discussion is strictly prohibited.
FaiD (second line) Opt-in by requesting to join Become trapped in the

Subforum DescriptionsEdit

Most of the subfora also had altered descriptions during the Madness.

Subforum Original Text Filters to
Love, Sex, and Relationships For all your romantic queries. I've got my bottle of Courvoisier.... <3 <3 <3 </3 </3 </3
Member Interviews FOR SCIENCE! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Mafia For your simulated organized crime needs. Arrrooouuuugggh!!!!!!!!!!!
Comics/Graphic Novels For those sublime unions of literature and art. KAPOW!
Jesse is a handsome and intelligent man who smells nice For discussion (compliments) of that marvelous masked man Why Jesse? The answer inside
Azrael is pretty cool also Well, I mean...yeah Duh

Post-Madness FiltersEdit

For several days following the migration, there were no wordfilters at all remaining on the xkcd forum system. However, by 2016-03-30 the static filters that tend to remain year-round had been reinstated.

These filters remained in effect after the Madness: 

Original Text Filters to
Chuck Norris Bruce Schneier
feminine wiles **misogyny not found**
lost the game lost twenty dollars and my self respect
Obamacare The Affordable Care Act
OMFG Oh me yarm Oh
OMG Oh me yarm
Pizzashark Some Asshole
political correctness Basic Human Decency
politically correct Basically Decent
shrill justified
shrilly justifiably
tweak twerk
tweaked twerked
tweaking twerking

Other Madness EffectsEdit

Forum Migration and the Loss of ImmunityEdit

On 2016-03-23 the whole of the xkcd message board was migrated to new hardware by davean, the site administrator. In the process phpBB was updated to the latest version.  This shift caused several small changes in site design, most notably a maximum viewing width.

This migration also meant that the OTT lost its resistance to wordfilters in original posts, which was evident immediately as the migration happened in the middle of a Madness.  The immunity had been granted in the very early days of Time, when filters were breaking the frames of Time being posted to the thread (the image urls had the word "time" in them).  The OTT alone had been immune to filters for nearly three years.

Wild Card FiltersEdit

Lousy filter ss

How the forums appeared under the influence of the second wild card filter.

Use of the wild card character (*) in a filter will change every word in the forum to that filter. Generally these only last a minute or two and are soon removed since they make the fora impossible to understand.  Of note for OTTers are the time this happened during the original OTC with a HODOR filter (see The Madness, 0 A.T. ), and the many occasions throughout last year's Madness where the wild card filters were used to simulate messages travelling via clacks in honor of Terry Pratchett (see The Madness, 2 A.T. ).

In 2016 the wild card filters began with a nod to Terry Pratchett once more on the anniversary of his death. 

Wild card input Date
GNU Terry Pratchett 2016-03-12
I came for the madness, but all I saw was this lousy filter 2016-03-19
[All words turned invisible (or into blank spaces), leaving only punctuation marks] 2016-03-20
�� 2016-03-20

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