The Others are people other than Cueball and Megan


Information on LaPetite can be found here.

People near the Small RiverEdit

The first mention of other people by Cueball and Megan is on newpix 1142. Cueball speaks of "people in the hills" who live upriver from them.

Later, on newpix 1160 and 1161, they mention more people who might be different from the people in the hills. Megan references tents. She also says that there are "[n]ot a lot of us by the shore this time of year. A few kids, maybe." LaPetite might be one of those kids.

People near the Second River or in the mountains Edit

As Cueball and Megan follow the second river they find evidence of more people. 

At the observation tower, Megan noticed sings of people in the distance. She saw moving dust and something glinting. When Cueball and Megan got closer, they encountered three people who appear to be wearing beanies. When attempting to communicate, they spoke in some unknown language.