“I, AluisioASG; SAEWITRBASA; Time Waiter, on this page 485∧496 of the One True Thread, hereby establish the Time Foundation, a society concerned with the availability of the One True Comic for future generations; the proper recording and analysis of the Frames; public relations with the Outside (in order to prevent incidents); as well as its own survival.”

Member listEdit


  • AluisioASG

Council BoardEdit

  • AluisioASG (irrevocably)
  • BlitzGirl
  • Pope Helper the First (suspended due to ongoing investigation)
  • cmyk (suspended due to ongoing investigation)
  • buffygirl
  • HAL9000 (the First and True One)
  • AluisioASG
  • the Sheeple

Data Preservation DepartmentEdit


Data Analysis DepartmentEdit

  • Kieryn, Director
  • Sciscitor, OTT Quote Specialist
  • Latent22
  • cmyk

Outsider Relations DepartmentEdit

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