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The Tiny River Period is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time, within the Mountain Era.
It lasted from frame 1883 to 1928.



Megan lands on Cueball after jumping from the tree to surprise him.

The scene begins with Cueball entering a new scenery slice alone, as he had lagged behind watching the chirping birds as Megan went on before him to pursue a possible water souce at the end of the previous period. Right as he passes a tree at the far left of the frame, Megan surprises him by jumping out of the tree, saying "Hi!" right before she land on his back, sending him to the ground. She points out a tiny river she found to the right of the center of the frame, which seems to be broken into three small streams. Cueball brushes himself off, she asks if he's okay, he replies affirmatively, and she helps him back up. He sets his bag down (hers is already on the ground from before the scene was shown to the viewer, apparently during the time she hid in the tree), and they head towards the tiny river.  They wade their feet in the water, then Cueball goes back to his bag to get his water bottle and refills it.

Megan awakes to discover the facebug.

Megan falls asleep alongside the river and Cueball falls asleep back at the tree. As they are sleeping, a Beesnake enters from the right of the frame, flies in graceful, acrobatic circles, and lands on Megan's face. She awakes with a start two frames later, brushing it from her face and exclaiming, "Facebug!" Cueball mumbles in his sleep, but doesn't awaken and the beesnake flies off again to the right. Megan looks over at Cueball, then faces towards the camera and walks forward so that she in no longer in view of the 3D slice. She is gone for four newpix while Cueball sleeps and then returns into view of the slice, now her back facing the camera, though at a diagonal towards Cueball. She awakens him with a "Hey!" and then invites him to come see what she's found. As he joins her at her side, facing again toward the camera and ready to move forward through 3D slices, she says, "This river is flowing toward the big one, so I followed it to see if they connected." The period ends here as they embark to see Megan's discovery.

Molpy sightings in this periodEdit

The beesnake encounter with Megan mentioned above is the only known molpy activity during this period. There are notable pixel movements along the surface of the water, suggesting its flow.

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