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The Tree Period is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time within the Hills and Forest Era.
It lasted from frame 1337 to frame 1359. During this period, Cuegan reach a tree, which Megan describes as "Neat." She yawns and Cueball lies down at the tree, using his bag as a pillow. Megan initially seems to want to keep going rather than rest, but with Cueball already down, she quickly succumbs to her tiredness also and takes her place to sleep by the tree as well. A bird flies over as Cueball wakes at some time before Megan and heads off alone on his Quest.

Trivia: This is the longest period (23 frames) not to include any prime numbered frames and thus to be completely excluded from the PrimeTime compilation of frames.

Molpy Sightings during this periodEdit

  • There is lots of notable molpy movement on the right side of the frame in the grass from frame 1349-1352, including what might be a common ground molpy.
  • A bird flies over the Neat Tree during frames 1353-4.

Edit to add additional molpy sightings for this period.

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