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The Weird Tree Period is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time, within the Mountain Era.
It lasted from frame 2142 to 2178.


This period follows Cueball and Megan as they continue their journey up the mountain. The period includes only a single scene piece, which is the steepest they've encountered up to this point. On the right side of the frame it reaches a plateau crowned by a sparsely-branched tree leaning drastically to the left. Th
Xkcd time 20130618 1400

Megan spits out the berries she sampled from the weird tree.

ey proceed towards the plateau, reaching the steep cliff right before it, at which point they remove their bags and Cueball helps Megan climb to the top of the plateau. He throws up the bags to her, from which she gets out a rope which she lowers so Cueball can climb up as well.

After putting the rope back, the pair takes a moment to study the tree and Megan remarks, "Weird." She then climbs into the tree to taste some of the berries growing on it. They apparently do not taste very good, as she immediately spits them out and climbs out of the tree. They put their bags back on and continue out of the scene to the right.


Some commenters in the One True Thread at first wondered if Megan was referring to the tree or something beyond it when she said, "Weird," but general consensus is that she was in fact describing the tree due to its unique shape.

Some speculated that the berries were probably poisonous, thus why she spit them out. However, k.bookbinder suggested the only actual species identification, postulating that they may in fact be a Juniper tree, which would not poison Megan, but would taste very unpleasant.

Molpy SightingsEdit

In contrast with the previous period, wherein molpy activity played a pivotal role of providing symbolic reinforcement of philosophical ideas proposed by both Cueball and Megan, there is no known molpy activity during this period.

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