The body of liquid is next to the construction site of the sandcastle. Its existence is first confirmed as Cueball dips his foot in it on Frame 16. Cueball and Megan decided to swim in it from Frame 170 to Frame 175, which ended as Megan got something in her mouth.

The liquid Edit

The body of liquid is a hypersaline lake. This was implied after the location of the comic was revealed in frame 2901.

Before this revelation, there were arguments over what the liquid is. Although most agree on water, few insist it's other substances, such as coffee.

Level Edit

The liquid level has changed over Time

Liquid level comparison

Liquid level comparison

  • 1 - first frame
  • 2 - liquid rises very, very slightly in three unconnected pixels
  • 4 - liquid lowers on left and right, and rises slightly in middle-left area; overall the liquid becomes slightly flatter
  • 7 - liquid rises
  • 8 - liquid rises
  • 16 - Cueball puts foot in liquid
  • 21 - liquid lowers in some places, and rises very very slightly in some other spots
  • 22 - liquid rises
  • 127-163 - pan and zoom; liquid does not move at all except in frame 162, when a ripple on the far right disappears, lowering and flattening the liquid level in that spot
  • 171 - Cueball and Megan enter liquid
  • 173-177 - liquid ripples; Megan and Cueball exit liquid in frames 175 and 176
  • 180 - liquid rises
  • 190 - liquid rises
  • 216-217 - pan
  • 221 - liquid rises and becomes flatter
  • 232 - liquid rises
  • 244 - liquid rises
  • 247 - liquid rises
  • 253 - liquid rises

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