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The Vineyard Period is one of the periods of the xkcd comic Time within the Discovery Era.
It lasted from frame 1553 to frame 1578.

During this period, Cuegan stumble upon a vineyard that appears to have been abandoned for some time and feast on grapes from the overgrown vines.

Fence vs. Vineyard DebateEdit

There was some debate initially on the One True Thread whether they were initially walking by an overgrown fence or a vineyard until frame 1557, wherein Cueball holds up a cluster of grapes and wonders aloud if it is alright to take them, thereby confirming the vineyard status of the deliberately structured posts they were encountering.

Molpy Sightings in this periodEdit

  • A "fence molpy" (so-called before it was clear if they were in a vineyard or merely by an overgrown fence) was detected by slight moving pixels along the sixth fence post area in frames 1554-1557. It appears to be perhaps slithering from the top beam to the ground.
  • A molpy-fly emerges from the sixth fence post area as Cuegan pass by and continues to buzz and dance in the air for several frames after they've left the scene to the right. It emerges in frame 1569 and continues to be seen until 1573, after which the camera shifts to the new segment of land.

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