WarpPix are frames in which the outsider time that passed since the last frame is deviating from the standard. The link between newpix and outsider time is not constant. With newpix being a constant unit of time, this is commonly known to relate to half an hour of outsider time. However, recent discoveries, starting on newpic 241 found some newpix to relate to a different amount of outsider time. This moment related to the outsider's clock as midnight Saturday March 30th. The newpix after that have allowed twice the amount of outsider time to pass per frame.

In the event where outsider time speeds up (or slows down) relative to our constant NewPix unit of time, this indicates warping of spacetime, also known as Picwarping. Frames which are affected by Pixwarp are called WarpPix.

Some prefer to use Longpix instead of WarpPix.

Meaning of WarpPixEdit

Various hypotheses have come up as an explanation to why WarpPix exist. At first it was believed that the outsider's weekend time passes twice as fast, and was expected to slow down to the normal half-hour per newpix ratio after.  However, that did not happen as of Monday 1 April.

Some others believe that WarpPix are a test of faith from the great Randall, to see if the religion persists even when stretched out over a longer amount of outsider time.

Another explanation is that the great Randall , has decided it is too time consuming to draw 48 frames per day and instead chose to reduce it to 24 frames per day to reduce his workload. 

Whether or not the warp ratio will return to normal at some point can not be said with any certainty. It seems like the best thing to do is to Wait for it...

List of known pixwarping phenomenaEdit

001 - 240: Half an hour of outsider time passes per newpix.

241 - now: One hour of outsider time passes per newpix.